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Natural Egg Laying Sites

Where to find eggs in natural conditions.

Eggs can be laid in a variety of places, but frogs have preferences.

Leaf Litter

Using whatever nooks and crannies are available, some frogs prefer to lay their eggs on the ground. These are often the larger animals or laying larger clutches, but that isn't always the case.


Many dart frogs have evolved tightly link to bromeliads and some frog prefer to lay their eggs on them.

Upper Leaves

Horizontal leaves, some distance above the ground, give frogs a perfect pedestal to lay and guard their eggs.

Wrapped Leaf

Like a little envelope, some frogs lay their eggs in a folded leaf. Sometimes they will accept leaves that are tightly overlapped.

Vertical Leaf

For some reason the vertical surface (and underside), of leaves is the preferred egg laying spot of agile, small frogs.

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