Dendrobates fantasticus

Dendrobates(Dendro Greek = tree + bates Greek = one that walks or haunts)

fantasticus (fantas Latin = fancy)

"I've got a pair of frogs I rarely see... I have only seen them about 1/2 dozen times... and once more ten minutes ago... The female is looking fat my friends. Dendrobates fantasticus is truly "the fantastic one who haunts trees". Metal metallic copper head, crowned with a black butterfly silhouette. Its body, a psychadelic suit, goes off on a wild riff of swirling patterns on a black bass line: peach, green, blue, white. oh yes, sounds too good but true. if you look deep enough into a fantasticus back you'll find the anuran version of a Mandelbrot set...Prometheus' flame. And cryptic, quickly melts back into the foliage when it senses its capture in a human retina. God did not make her Dendrobates fantasticus for our eyes to see." by Steven J. Waldron

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