Picking a Frog by...


Click on a frog to see what the demands are for each species.

D. auratus
D. azurius
D. imitator
D. leucomealus
D. tinctourius
E. tricolor
P. teribilis


Level of Activity

If you think active is better, do you like a small metallic green-yellow frog? or a medium sized, red and white frog? Click on the color you like.

If you want a somewhat active frog, do you want a medium sized orange and black frog? a large greenish-white frog? or a larger green and black frog? Click on the color you like.

If you want a less active frog, do you want a larger blue frog? or a larger yellow, blue, black and white frog?

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A Dart Frogger's Responsibilities

Is Dart Frogging Right for you? (a questionnaire to test your if this hobby is for you)

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Setting Up a Terrarium

Where to look to for further Dart Frog Help

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