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Animal Diversity Web Order Anura

Black Jungle

Brian Ferriera JR. page

Czar's Frog Page

Dendrobatider by Jesper Hansen

Dendrobatid Frogs Page by Bill Edwards

Dendrobates by Jordi Vazquez & Josep Canela

Dendrobates & Amfibiaekn en Reptilien Homepage

Dendrobatids at Costa Rica Herps Home Page

Epibatidine a Novel Alkaloid by Suzanne Strong

Fly Culture

Frie's Pijlgifkikkers Page


Interactive Frog Dissection

JoE's JuNgLe

Maura Maple's Page

National Aquarium In Baltimore

Poison-Dart-Frogs at the American Museum of Natural History

Pfeilgiftfrvsche by G|nter Gvstl

Poison Frog Page by Shin Sugiyama

San Antonio Zoo

SUPER-Frog by Hans-J|rgen Wieland Biology of poison-dart frogs

Dartfrog Organizations

American Dendrobatid Group @ Hundt

Dendrobatidae Nederland

IGF Interessengemeinschaft Froschlurche by Gerd Voss

National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council

Nordic Dendrobates Research Group

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

Mantella Links

Andrew Clark's Homepage

Brian Corey's Frog Addictions

Zoo in the wild

****For sale sights I have had good or no experiences with****

The Dendrobatid wharehouse

NHF Frxgruppen

Reptiles Specialties -John Uhern

Rod Mitchell

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the Frog Factory

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