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How viewable are the frogs?

Frogs "timidity" can be due to many factors such as; the conditions they grew up in, the physical environment, the humidity, or what season it is. I've attempted to show the natural level of boldness for each group of frogs. Through luck and planning, even very shy frogs can be viewed.


Shy frogs act as if any big, moving, object is a predator. They will jump quickly off to hide at the slightest movement in their surrounding. If they are caught out in the open, they will freeze and watch the movement, fleeing as soon as they feel they can. These frogs are usually secretive by nature. If their taciturn nature is put in to your considerations then it is possible to view these animals for short periods or in areas where they feel they are hidden.


Indifferent "look at" humans as part of the surroundings, as if the person is just a big grazing animal. The frogs are easily startled by rapid movements and take a long time to return to what they were doing before being startled. If a person moves slowly, and keep a little distant, the frogs are usually viewable.


Bold frogs are the easiest to view. They can be startled in to hopping off and hiding but are quick to return.

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