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Clutch size.

Egg number can vary from clutch to clutch so the average number of eggs is given. Some factors may greatly increase the number of eggs observed in a clutch, such as multiple females laying at the same site. Other factors may cut down the number of eggs such as competitive feeding by other frogs or predatory feeding by other animals, (such as snails and slugs).

1-3 Eggs

Small frogs often lay only a couple eggs, but they also tend to be more diligent about carrying for their eggs.

4-10 Eggs

I've found those frogs that lay medium sized clutches tend to be more constant breeders but less interested in care of the eggs. Also the tadpoles seem slower to mature.

More than 10 Eggs

Many frogs have evolved explosive reproduction. They lay large clutches of tadpoles that tend to grow quickly. These frogs seem more affected by seasonal cues for their breeding.

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