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Frogs ability to live in a new enviroment.

Frogs are intimately attached to their environment. This is why anurans are good markers for how healthy their environment is. What frogs view as "livable" can be very limited or quite broad. To make a blanket designation of how well a frog will do in a different environment it is important to look at many factors. Breeding is often a good measure of how well an organism is doing and some frogs needs for breeding can be complex. Other frogs may be very accepting of changes in their physical environment but not in their diet. Still others may be so secretive that a slight lack of cover can be a detriment. Finally, some frogs evolved in very stable microclimates and so slight changes in temp or humidity may be drastic to them.

The separations here are relative and may not hold for all frogs. Also some changes in environment can appear major but be minor to the frog.


These frogs may easily take many environmental changes. They tend to be accepting of larger swings in temperature and humidity. They tend to be accepting of food in a variety of sizes. They tend to be accepting of a variety of physical environments.


These frogs may be accepting of many environmental changes but have one or two needs that are firmly set. Often if these firmly set needs are met the fogs thrive in other wise divers conditions.


Some of these frogs are so intimately linked to their environment that change often leads to their death. Other frogs have a history that limits their ability to deal with change. Still others have a single need that is hard to meet.

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