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Calling volume and persistence.

On of the interesting evolution in dart frogs are that their breeding is less seasonal. With the increase in breeding time the males also call anytime their environment fits their needs. Different species of dart frog have different calls and calling patterns. E. tricolor call most of the day, especially after rain, while D. amazonicus call briefly in the morning and evening. Below calls are grouped by relative volume and persistence.

One of the saving graces of dart frogs is that they only call when it's light out around sunrise and sunset.



Whispering calls that are at just the edge of hearing. Often these are small arboreal frogs.


This combines those frogs whose calls are quietish, pleasant to hear and often and those with easily audible calls that are used only occasionally.



Grouping of those with louder calls or moderately loud calls that are persistently used.


Frogs who's calls are loud and persistent.

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