Dart Frogger Questionnaire

OK, you said no to a question. This doesn't mean that you should give up on the idea of keeping Dart Frogs, but maybe you should wait a while before you start. Think about the question you said no to and figure out how to work around it. It may be that it's something that can be easily worked through and so you can go on to keep dart frogs. As I see it, there are four things you can do.

First you can give up on the idea of keeping dart frogs. It is a bit of a crazy wish when you think about it... and there are so many other neat things to do in the world.
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A great way to start in to dart frogs is to get practice by keeping firebelly toads. These toads have many qualities similar to dart frogs but are less expensive and more forgiving. Many great dart froggers agree these are great frogs to start with.
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If you know you are going to get in to dart frogs but want to move into it gradually then you may want to set up a terrarium. Learning to build a good dart frogs tank is a skill that you will need to succeed in for this hobby. Building a tank can be a very enjoyable thing to do and also may take quite a while to succeed at. A tank that is set up for an extended time (an "aged" tank) is better for your darts as it is stable and may have small insects living in it that the frogs can eat, improving their diet.
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Maybe you can see an easy answer to your problem and are sure you can succeed at keeping dart frogs.
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