Epipedobates tricolor

Epipedobates (Epipedo Greek = of the ground + bates Greek = one that walks or haunts)

Tricolor = three colors*

Epipedobates tricolor is a great frog, well worth searching out. The brilliant colors of many tricolor morphs rival any dart frog, while their boldness make them easily viewed. E. tricolor also have a lively nature and wonderful, trill like, call that make them endearing.

The hobby goes in waves, what is common this year will be rare and sought after then next. The "anthonyi" tricolor has almost slipped out of the hobby. In the early 90s this smaller morph was apparently the most "common" of the tricolors in the US hobby. Their stunning wine red body with vivid, 1-2mm, blue/white medial dorsal strip and lateral stripes, make them a joy to look at. Even their bellies are appealing with speckling of off white spots on deep red back ground with orange flash marks in the pits of their limbs. Adding in the tricolors natural boldness and prolificness, it is easily understandable why they were so prevalent in the hobby. I received two groups that are offspring from early 90s wild caughts.

There are some unanswered questions of what these frogs should be called. They were often called P. anthonyi (at the time tricolors were also considered Phylobates). They fit P.A. Silverstones description of P. anthonyi collected in Salvias. The mane reason given for separating these animals from tricolor, (other than some one named 'Anthony' getting a publication), was that their bones were white, while tricolors bones were reported to be green, and they were smaller than tricolor. The size difference is minimal and the bone color could well be an artifact of however they were preserved. On the other hand there are some animals in the hobby that are visually similar to tricolor but are not. These animals may end up resurrecting the name as E. anthonyi but for me I'll call the old P. anthonyi, "Salvias" E. tricolor.

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